Who dares? Workspace for rent at a wolf pack

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Who dares? Workspace for rent at a wolf pack

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Imagine one of the most beautiful, city center places of Groningen. Imagine the smell of delightful coffee. Imagine the sunbeams shining into a clean, comfortable office. Your desk? Next to the window, with a perfect view over one of the most coziest streets of the city. The internet? Super-duper fast. Your companion? A few wolves.

Are you the freelancer we are looking for?

The wolves of Groningen, united in ‘Studio Wolf’, are looking for companion. We have got three desks for rent at our spacious office in the Oosterstraat in Groningen and we are looking for freelancers or long-distance-workers. Designers, copywriters, photographers, developers or whatsoever, who are looking for an inspiring work environment, a desk and nice companion. People who love to share their knowledge and ideas and do like the presence of three other wolves.

Characteristics of a wolf

Studio Wolf is an interface design studio. We create digital masterpieces and support companies with their design and front-end challenges. Companies we work for are, among others, Voys, NOS, Payt, Dacom and Paypro. All you need to know about wolves is that it is a very friendly, intelligent, loyal and social species. For a lot of people wolves are the personification of a wild spirit. In this light it will be no surprise that Aljan, Kris and Tim love to work wíth people, instead of fór people. Therefore, most of our time we work with the teams at the offices of our customers. Are you able to deal with wolves who suddenly sneak into the office and disappear as fast as they came? Then we have the perfect place for you.

The whole package

Are you interested in joining the wolves? For a very reasonable price of € 200,- (ex. VAT)* we offer you your own desk, (if needed) a 27 inch Thunderbolt Display, 120 mbit internet and free coffee and tea. You will get a key of the office, so you can sneak in and out whenever you want. There will be no excuse anymore to not work during the weekend (and okay, we admit that it is the perfect place to crash if you will have too many beers after a good night in one of the pubs of Groningen).

* Do you like the offer, but is the monthly rent too high for you? We are willing to discuss the price if you pay us with your (creative) skills in return.

Short summary

  • A nice place to work at the wolves cave
  • Possibility to work 24/7
  • Good coffee and tea
  • Internet, not just normal, but a super-fast connection of 120 mbit
  • Costs: € 200,- a month (discussable if you are prepared to do some work for us in return)
  • Monthly terminable (please tell us one month in advance if you want to leave us)

Interested in this once in a lifetime offer? Or maybe first want to have a look? Give us a call (+31 (0)85 3030 766) or send me a message at

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