Reboot a company during Covid | Podcast #001

Our first podcast. Yes, another podcast. We were looking for a way to talk freely about maps, creativity, tech, entrepreneurship and vulnerabilities. And that works better in a conversation than in written words. This is why we think a podcast is a good addition to our blog.

Oh, the podcast is in Dutch. At the moment we feel a lot more comfortable looking for depth by speaking Dutch. Who knows, this may change in the future.

What can you expect in this episode? It’s mainly about how we reopened Studio Wolf after being closed for 5 years. We split that into the following topics.

  • Introduction - Still a bit uncomfortable a new podcast, but we firstly introduce ourselves

  • Collaboration - How we kept in touch after all these years and started working together again

  • Partners - How difficult it is to find a good partner

  • Name - How we came to the conclusion to re-establish Studio Wolf

  • Maps - Why we chose to work with maps and data

  • Remote - How we work distributed

  • Covid - Starting a company during a crisis.

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