How enthusiasm in working hard could backfire | Podcast #002

Welcome back to our second podcast episode. This time Tim and I talk about our first major product launch for the municipality of Amsterdam. And we talk about the product of The Imagineers called SEP where the project for Amsterdam is built on. We also chat about product launches and deadlines and what they can do with you. Both positive and negative. And during our work we often notice moments or short periods in which you come into a kind of overdrive and why it is good to recognize these moments.

Oh, the podcast is in Dutch. At the moment we feel a lot more comfortable looking for depth by speaking Dutch. Who knows, this may change in the future.

So, to wrap up, what can you expect in this episode?

  • Product launch for the municipality of Amsterdam together with The Imagineers
  • Stakeholder Engagement Platform (SEP), a product by The Imagineers
  • The gray area of deadlines, when does it work and when not?
  • Recognize your overdrive moments, because working with too much enthusiasm can backfire

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