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Culture is important for us at Studio Wolf. To help it form a bit we follow a quite disciplined program of team meetings.

Kris speaking about the use of whitespace.
Kris speaking about the use of whitespace.

Sit-down and standup

Every week on Monday morning we start with a sit-down of 30 minutes. We’ll discuss the upcoming week, share plans and tell stories about our weekends. Then, every afternoon after our joint lunch, we have a daily standup of max 5 minutes. Since we’re a design agency with multiple projects we don’t have a shared backlog. At the standup you tell your colleagues in 30 seconds what you’re working on today. Recently, we added a monthly team retro our package of meeting.


While the standup and sit-down are objective meetings, the retro is more subjective. The goal of the retro is to get more insight in your colleagues minds. The process consists out of three parts: first, every team member writes two pros en two cons about the last month on separate post-its. You’re completely free to write about your working life or private life, whatever feels right.

When done, all the post its are sticked on a wall. In the second step, every team member puts a mark on the top two pros and cons post-its he respects, loves, feels or has the most sympathy with.

Step tree is to discuss the most marked post its together with the team. It might feel a bit superfluous, but trust me, truly remarkable ideas and discussions may result from a retro.

Retrospect outside in the sun.

All those meetings might look like a lot, but if you add it up, we’re only meeting for 55 minutes a week. Within these minutes every knows what his colleagues are doing.

Pack presentations

Besides the necessary sit-downs and standups we also try to share knowledge and experiences with each other. We facilitate this with out Pack presentations. Pack presentation are short 15 minute presentations once every three weeks by one of our team members. There is a strict order, therefore everyone will have to present.

The subject are broad; from new HTML/CSS tricks to more personal stories like working in the future or your design skills when you were 15. The most recent presentation was from Aljan where he told us about the importance of kick-off meetings.

Pack presentations are strict, prepared or not, you have to go on stage. After the talk we discuss the subject for another 15 minutes which almost every time results in new insights.

Get to know your colleagues

The cool thing about these meetings is that we got to know our colleagues a lot better, but maybe the most important and beautiful thing is that we create a culture where everyone learns to tell his or her story.

Check how we work — Liked this post? See how we put it to practice.

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