Designed for digital

We are a design agency and a brand new cartography studio with over 15 years of experience in building digital products.

UX/UI design

We see it as our mission to help people understand, discover and analyse the world around them. Our experience in product design ensures that your maps are one with your application. Seamless integration and a friendly UI.

The most important job of a user interface is communication. Each element communicates a specific piece of functionality to the user. Before we begin our design process, we’ll work with you to understand your users. By knowing who they are, we can craft the most appropriate interface for their needs and abilities.

Interactive maps

We specialize in creative map design and believe that every organisation should have its own maps - - environment. A set of maps that provide insight for internal and external use. We’ll help you build that first map, create a strategy or extend your interactive map environment.

Exploration and concepting

Modern mapping technology and growing amounts of location data create incredible opportunities to provide insight, tell stories and improve decision making. But how should you utilise them? We'll help you discover possibilities. Together we'll explore new concepts and techniques to make your data more insightful and actionable.

Map design

A map = design. Humans <3 design. Things of beauty inspire, trigger and empower. With our experience in web and spatial data we'll support you in designing a beautiful, unique map for the right purpose.

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