What we do

We design interfaces

We design beautiful websites and applications that people want to use. Our approach is maximising design and creativity while reaching your online goals. We do this by crafting the best possible experience for your users. An experience that is effective, fun and user centered.

In most cases we work on websites and web apps. Occasionally we work on data visualisation and interfaces for mobile apps. Most clients ask us to help them design something new, but increasingly we’re being asked to improve products or lecture on how to improve.

Since our start in 2009, clients come to us for our responsive design. Our work makes your product available on practically every device with a screen. In the recent years this approach helped us conquer the challenges that arise with an increasing number of mobile devices.

Today, we help our customers with beautifully designed, high performance and future proof interfaces. Available for everyone, on every device.

Remember, we live in a time of great experiences. Let’s create yours.

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How we work

Consider us an extension of your team. In the field of design, the final product is always the result of the collaboration between you and us. By combining our knowledge we create the best solutions, therefore concepting and sketching together is an essential part of our process.

  • Voys Telecom Aljan and Aldert are combining powers at a brainstorm session.
  • PayPro Kris educating developers with the latest HTML and CSS.
  • At the office Tom in the engineering flow.

We like to make you happy. This is why we have a preference for projects that run over a longer period. Why continuity above a single deliverable? Because things change after exposure to the real world. After initial launch, we will continue to improve your interface to better fit your goals. The result: better converting websites and apps that people actually want to use.

Ideally, we work for a predefined period of time. Depending on our common goals, periods vary from a few months to years. It’s a different way of approaching a project, but most of our clients love it. During this time we learn, we experiment and most importantly: reach goals. Like wolves would.

I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.
Elon Musk

Get to know our tools

Welcome to our machine room. Behind beautiful design lies a world of code. Our designers and front-end engineers make your product or website come to life with state of the art HTML, CSS and Javascript. To create great interfaces you need great technology. Here are some the tools we use to craft your product:

  • Sketch Beautiful designs are made in Sketch
  • GitHub We collaborate with developers in GitHub
  • Atom We write our code in the Atom-editor
  • Sass Awesome clean CSS is written in the Sass language
  • Dropbox We share files via Dropbox
  • Gulp We develop quickly and flawless with Gulp
  • Taiga For amazing responsive sites we use the Taiga grid
  • Apple Do we need to say more?

At Studio Wolf we’re big fans of open source. Open source will be a cornerstone of your product. In pretty much all cases it’s safer, better and much more flexible than closed source.

Why we do what we do

We believe that a person creates the most value if they do what they love. If you think alike, we could be a match.

Fun, meaning and inspiration are important values we seek in a project. Why? Because those values help us to achieve our main goal: to deliver quality websites, web application and apps. We love products and companies that have real growth potential. We love products that people talk about. And we’re willing to work hard to help those products and companies succeed.

We can’t do it alone, it’s a combined effort. Think about it: Why do you do what you do? Can we help to make your products flourish?

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
Walt Disney

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